Printing ghostless anaglyph

If you print an anaglyph you may find printing a ghost less anaglyph is a challenge!

Most often, after printing you may see so many unwanted ghosts that may

ruin your whole 3D picture just because your picture would needed accurate

color tuning before printing it.

Here I want to offer you a fair service for tuning your anaglyphic pictures.

Just you need to email your anaglyphs to me then I'll tune the colors for a

ghostless printing next I'll mail the revised anaglyphs back to you.

You may check my service by sending one of your anaglyphs then

I'll fix it for you and for free!

(in case if you want to publish a 3D book, magazine or any kind of anaglyphic publication

ask for my service with a fair price.)

Although after my digital touching your picture colors /contrast will change

for a bit but it will be acceptable good. To see how, check the sample below;


Original anaglyph                                                                    Picture has been tuned for printing


Why unwanted ghosts show up after printing!

While you see your clear ghost-less anaglyph on your monitor your picture colors

come from mixture of lights but after printing your picture the colors should be

made from mixture of inks and that's the reason or difference!

If you mix three main colors of Red, Green & Blue by lights the result will be

White color but if you mix the same colors by inks the result will be kind of

dark brown because the nature of light colors is so different than inks.

For a ghost-less anaglyph print you should find the closest inks to your picture

colors and that is what I want to do for you!


Shahrokh Dabiri.

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